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For the last 20 years, hardly a thing has changed when it comes to decoration wearables. That is until The Quality Embroidery Revolution!

Our current decoration/promotional market in the US dictates that your customers need and want custom work, small-medium runs and you want it quickly, but most of all you want something new and exciting for your clients so that you can get in the door and offer something your competition can’t and that’s what The Quality Embroidery Revolution is all about!

We offer three unique decorations that at this time only a few companies in the US can offer under the same roof. We cater exclusively to the companies requiring contract services and do not sell to end users. All three-decoration disciplines are truly original and unique decorations that excite your customer and are profitable for you at the same time!

We do offer traditional embroidery or screen printing, as well as Mixed Media Designs, Laser Etching and 3D Laser Applique.

What we can do is take ordinary logos and make them extroidinary and we can take logos that are otherwise impossible to do in traditional ways and create them using our outstanding technologies. We can often do what the hands in China can’t do simply because our shop has the most robotic and high tech equipment and simply does what no human can do!

Our goal is to get your artwork proof, back in your hands within 48 hrs or less including a quote and turnover time(based on quantity). We do offer rush services for those last minute emergencies some of your customers always seem to need!

Below is a brief summary of the decorations:
To help you sell these decorations we have a neutral sales binder with samples of all decorations. You can use this so that your customers can touch,see, and feel these unique decorations. This outstanding sales tool is so much better than color pictures and can be ordered through the website.

Direct Embroidery
Embroidery is a high-speed sewing process, by which decorative needlework is sewn directly into a garment. This process is increasingly popular because of its professional appearance and virtually indestructible durability. It is now the application process of choice for most sports shirts, caps, bags, and outerwear.

3D Laser Appliqué
This essentially is the new way of embroidery. While embroidery has been around for around 40 years, this technique is part embroidery and part laser.

Because of the cost of labor in North America the embroidery business has not been able to offer full front decorations at reasonable prices for years now. Now with the advent of Laser-Embroidery you can once again get a full front decoration for just around $10.00 and it won’t crinkle or scrunch up like traditional stitching after a wash! Techniques include custom tackle twill appliqué, felt and multilayer felt, distressed look, reverse appliqué and laser etching.

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